To hell with the meta.

You're here because you enjoy gaming, and you've been doing it long enough that you don't need some streamer telling you how to play. You're here because you appreciate the company of like-minded players. Together we'll create a legacy, prevail over our foes, and reap the spoils of war! Welcome brothers & sisters, to Unhinged.

Unhinged is a long-standing community of gamers that have played together in various dimensions and platforms over the years. We emphasize people over mechanics, and we're welcoming of new faces (and groups of new faces). We keep friends & family gaming together as they join our community and begin making new connections. What are ya wait'n for?

New World

Unhinged resides as a thriving company of (around) one hundred within the Syndicate faction on the server Orofena. We're a very active group that's running mutations daily, along with regular company events (chest runs, games, and more). We'll allow these videos here to explain more: The Unhinged YouTube channel

World of Warcraft: Classic

Unhinged runs a (day one) Horde guild on the Grobbulus server where it has enjoyed countless victories (and shenanigans) against bosses and the Alliance alike. You're just as likely to catch us seeking veangance against a gnome on Hellfire peninsula as you are slaying Magtheridon within the citadel.

In WoTLK we're focused on 10-person content and battlegrounds, and continue to welcome new friends as always!

Ashes of Creation

Unhinged is gearing up to enter Verra and shape the world in our image! Apply now to secure your position in what will be our next epic chapter & join us as the gates open in building, exploring, and of course... conquering. Having access to upcoming alpha 2, beta 1, and beta 2 events is a bonus, but not a requirement. Join the conversation on Discord today.


You're in? Awesome. Complete the form (or forms, go nuts) below for the communities you're interested in. Be sure to get your Discord name correct, and we'll be in touch.